attention moron
you [low test]
powerful bald man destroys incel retard commie
moobs dot gif
boomer juice
would you like a drink? come on… take a seat, relax
i’m a coffee expert
i love to drink the bean sauce, you know?
a nice cuppa HOT JOE
sweet, muddy slime
500 calorie latté from my favourite ochre underclass, service sector citizen!
i need it for my smooth lil baby brain
i’m a foodie.
yeah, who woulda guessed? SURPRISE! i like food HAHA?
i’m a TV fanatic, too
i LOVE the Entertainment Industry
arthouse, high budget sequels, contemporary telly shows.. you name it
no not that season… pfff HA! my tastes are refined, you see
i read books.
there’s my shelf, see? that’s my shelf with my books
here’s a picture of me and my wife’s son in front of my shelf with my books
i’m a journalist
check out this sick pop culture reference
i’m a citizen of the milky way. you’re not a planetist, are you?
we are all interchangable sacks of flesh! #SayNo2H8
i friccin l0ve science btw
infanticide, vampirism, usury, mutilation
i don’t know what that is duuuuuude i don’t care…
but no planetists on MY watch, PAL. NTSC?
i went to college
i’m a six-figure video game streamer
this is me, homo economicus
high culture toilet trader
nice cortisol levels dweeb
cool dude juice